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The Team

Please note this page will be undergoing updates in the near future. The current research team is composed of graduates and post-doctoral scientists who have their own specialisms ranging from microbial physiology and virulence to genomics and bioinformatics. There is also a large international network of other researchers who contribute their studies to the Cronobacter PubMLST database. For more details see Prof Steve Forsythe's CV, or Google Scholar listing.

We cover primary isolation, identification (phenotyping and genotyping), characterisation, taxonomy, virulence, genetic manipulation and genomics. New areas of research include longitudinal neonatal intestinal microbiome studies, Acinetobacter genomics and bacterial biofilm formation on medical devices.

Other microbiology research activities at NTU include Drs Gina Manning (Campylobacter), Jody Winter (Helicobacter pylori), Michael Loughlin (Enterobacter), Sam McLean novel antimicrobials, and Ben Dickins (bacterial evolution). Behind this team are numerous support staff and collaborations with other Universities and companies.

Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) Webinar on Salmonella and Cronobacter