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The team

The research and developmental work has been achieved through the hard work of numerous PhD, post-doctoral and graduate researchers. These have been based both in the UK and overseas through collaborations.

Research areas in clinical and food microbiology have covered primary isolation, identification (phenotyping and genotyping), characterization, taxonomy, virulence, genetic manipulation and genomics. This work covered well-known foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, and Arcobacter. As well as a prolific amount of research and publications on Cronobacter, newer areas of research have included longitudinal neonatal intestinal microbiome studies, Acinetobacter genomics and bacterial biofilm formation on medical devices. The latter brings the research around in a circle as it started with the metabolism of the gut flora and interaction with the host, one area being the microbial flora of achlorohydric human stomach including the production of potential genotoxins by H. pylori, and Neisseria.

For more details see Prof Steve Forsythe's CV and the very (!!!) long list of my publications with download links at Publications. You can access stats on the publications through the following sites:

Google Schoolar


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