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Supplementary notes on topics in the new 3rd edition of 'The Microbiology of Safe Food' which was published January 2020

This site is currently being updated to compliment the new 3rd Edition of 'The Microbiology of Safe Food'. Areas which have been modified in the new version include:

  1. Advances in genomic analysis techniques for key organisms, including E. coli, Salmonella, and L. monocytogenes
  2. Emerging information on high-throughput sequencing and genomic epidemiology based on genomic analysis of isolates
  3. Recent work on investigations into foodborne infection outbreaks, demonstrating the public health costs of unsafe food production
  4. Updates to the national and international surveillance systems, including social media

My apologies for the delay in the publication of the 3rd Edition of The Microbiology of Safe Food. I had started preparing it for a few years ago, but my personal research on the emergent pathogen Cronobacter and other causes of neonatal infections took precedence; see Research for details.

The Brazilian Portuguese version of the 'The Microbiology of Safe Food' has been released. Meanwhile the Spanish version of my book 'Food Hygiene, Microbiology and HACCP' with Pat Hayes has been released by Acribia

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